The App That Makes Contacting Your Reps Fast and Easy.

Main Features

Make an impact any time, anywhere.

Easily Find Your Reps

We've got everyone from your water resources commissioner to your state senators.

Quickly Send Them Messages

You can choose between email, phone call, facebook, or twitter for all your messages.

Stay Updated On Your Issues

Stay informed about issues that matter to you from over 40 news outlets.

Smooth & Simple Interface

Built with you in mind, we've made Shout easy to use and navigate for all your needs.

See What's Popular

Everything on your newsfeed will tell you how much buzz it's getting - take what people are reading and reacting to into consideration to make your own decision without the influence of clickbait.

Bookmark Stories For Later

One-click bookmarking lets you browse on the go for what to read later.

Engage Your Community

Read and add your support to the shouts in your voting district - give someone a star when you agree with their message to your shared reps, or add your voice to conversations happening near you.


Our Vision for 21st Century Democracy

We believe that it shouldn't take lots of time and energy for constituents to get in touch with the people who represent us. Shout is a place where anyone can send their thoughts to the public officials impacting them without the interference of lobbyists and special interests.


What People Say About Shout

I can't believe how easy it is!

"It used to be hard to stay involved at college, but now I can stay engaged with my representatives without having to sacrifice time an energy. I'm really excited to see what I change I can make in my community!"

Aaron B.
Washtenaw County, Michigan

My new favorite app. I LOVE IT!

"I can't believe how easy it is for me to send messages now. I never sent my senators feedback before because it was too difficult, but now I really feel like I can contribute my thoughts to what's happening."

Melanie G.
Orange County, New York

I like that I can act on the news I read

"It's really refreshing to be able to do something right when I'm feeling most motivated. I used to get frustrated reading the news while at work or with friends, but now I can turn that passion into productivity and I really love that."

Emili C.
Osceola County, Florida

Ready to Start Shouting?

Shout is free to download, easy to use, and completely nonpartisan.